Braeburn David McIntyre 240

David McIntyre

EVP, CFO, & Treasurer


David McIntyre brings 20 years of experience to Braeburn as a senior executive and corporate advisor with multinational and growth companies in a wide variety of industries, including life sciences and medical devices. With professional qualifications in finance and law, David has held senior financial, legal and operational roles. Since 2012, David has been a partner at Apple Tree Partners. Previously David was EVP, CFO of HeartWare International, Inc., and assumed the additional responsibilities of COO during HeartWare’s global commercialization phase. Prior to HeartWare, David practiced as a senior attorney in private practice specializing in corporate, mergers and acquisitions and equity capital markets with Baker & McKenzie and KPMG as well as holding various senior financial roles in multinational companies including Coal & Allied Limited, a publicly traded subsidiary of the Rio Tinto Group of companies.

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