Everything we think, say and do is with patients in mind.

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Everything we think, say and do is with patients in mind.

At Braeburn, we have one mission: to help fight the opioid addiction epidemic.  Our headquarters (HQ) branding was inspired by the responsibility we have to patients and reminds us that we stand with patients throughout their recovery.  To increase education and reduce stigma, we included artwork created by patients and caregivers, depictions of the difficult patient journey, and images of people who are in recovery.  Although the crisis in the U.S. is overwhelming and does not discriminate, people can and do recover from opioid use disorder (OUD).

Braeburn’s HQ branding elements serve as a daily reminder to keep the patient at the center of everything we do:

  • Patient Journey Wall: Provides a constant reminder of the challenges patients must navigate and an opportunity to provide more education and awareness on OUD.
  • Gallery Wall: Depicts people affected by OUD of various genders, races and economic statuses. OUD does not discriminate, but recovery is possible.
  • Artwork: Honors, contextualizes and brings to life both recovery and remembrance stories. Created by both patients and caregivers, our artwork includes pieces from The Opioid Project, who organizes interactive art and storytelling projects for patients and caregivers, and Mural Arts Philadelphia, who enlisted patients receiving counseling and MAT treatment from JEVS Human Services together with community residents for the Personal Renaissance project.
  • Celebrating Lost Loved Ones (Interactive Map): Raises awareness of the broad impact of the opioid addiction crisis, created by Jeremiah Lindermann of Esri after the death of his brother and adopted by The National Safety Council.

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