Braeburn Launches Brave Action

Braeburn Launches Brave Action

New Resource For Dedicated Healthcare Professionals Treating Opioid Use Disorder

Princeton, N.J.—April 12, 2018 — Braeburn, as part of its overall efforts to improve the lives of patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), announced today the launch of Brave Action, a new disease-focused resource to support the many healthcare providers on the front lines of the U.S. opioid addiction epidemic. Brave Action aims to increase the understanding of the multi-faceted nature of OUD and provide timely access to emerging information and resources to help healthcare providers (HCPs) stay up-to-date. This initiative employs numerous elements including the launch of, a dedicated website that will provide HCPs the latest studies, reports, recommendations and other information in easy-to-digest formats.

“By providing a go-to resource with the latest information about OUD, Brave Action is intended to spark a collaborative partnership among key stakeholders to better understand and tackle the leading healthcare crisis of our time,” said Mike Derkacz, President and CEO of Braeburn. “It’s critical that we all work together to advance the care of these patients and continue to dispel myths and remove stigmas associated with this chronic brain disease.”

Further information about this initiative will be made available at the Brave Action booth during the American Society of Addition Medicine (ASAM) Annual Conference this week in San Diego. Information may also be accessed anytime at

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