We are a highly effective organization, and through collaboration and commitment we can execute on our mission.  Our operating principles define how we work together to achieve our goals:

  • Communicate directly, in an open and honest manner
  • Honor our commitments
  • Ask challenging questions
  • Assume positive intent
  • Listen and understand
  • Support and invest in each other’s development


Employee Profiles

Bill Curtin Edit

Bill Curtin, Training Director, Sales Operations

What is your role at Braeburn? And how does it contribute to “everything we think, say and do is with the patient in mind”?

I am the Training Director. As soon as you enter the Braeburn offices you are immediately struck by the focus on patients and families suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). This environment makes my job so much easier in that I am constantly reminded that the patient is in fact at the center of everything we think, say and do. I create training that is patient and customer centric with a focus on addiction as a medical condition. We teach our folks literally on day one about the stigmatization of OUD and how to discuss this patient and disease with non-stigmatizing language.

Why Braeburn?

I am at Braeburn for three reasons: the patient, the people and the mission! It is my personal goal to educate as many people as possible about OUD. These patients have a medical condition that can be treated. It is not a weakness or fault of the patient, and I want to spread the message. Secondly, I love the people and culture at Braeburn. They are dedicated, focused and resilient. We have a culture where our values are front and center and we live them every day! We also laugh a LOT which makes the days fun!  Finally, I am here due to the mission of Braeburn. I lost a family member to an accidental overdose after a long struggle with OUD. I want to play my part in preventing this senseless tragedy from impacting other families.

Why is reducing the stigma of OUD important to you?

Because I have experienced this firsthand. When I hear someone struggling with addiction referred to as “an addict” or “a junkie” it breaks my heart. We don’t use derogatory terms to refer to patients with diabetes or cancer but yet we treat patients with OUD like they have a personal fault or moral failing. We need to educate our neighbors, family, friends, policy makers and society in general that those struggling to get into recovery need a support network, a helping hand and effective treatment options.


Marlene Markle, Director, Regulatory Affairs

What is your role at Braeburn? And how does it contribute to “everything we think, say and do is with the patient in mind”?

I am the Director of Regulatory CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls) at Braeburn.  In this role, it is my responsibility to ensure we are meeting the expectations of the many health authorities around the world as it relates to how we manufacture and control our products.  The data we submit to obtain marketing approval must demonstrate the quality, safety and purity of our products.   Therefore, the patient is always on my mind to ensure they are receiving high quality, safe and effective medicines.

What has been your greatest accomplishment or challenge overcome at Braeburn?

One of the biggest challenges I overcame at Braeburn occurred within my first few months of employment. After being employed with the company for only 9 days, I found myself faced with answering questions about how Braeburn’s product is made, what controls are in place and what studies were done to support an NDA approval.  This challenged me to learn the history of our product in a very short period of time in order to meet the required deadlines. At the time, it seemed like an unsurmountable task, but I faced it head on! With the additional support from our internal regulatory and CMC teams, as well as our external partners, I was able to overcome this challenge and provide the answers within the defined timelines.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting at Braeburn?

We have a GREAT team! Each and every one of us has stepped outside of our comfort zone to collaborate on issues external to their area of expertise. This is very important since Braeburn is a small company and doesn’t always have an internal expert who can address the issue. Therefore, if you are someone who is interested in being the internal expert in your field but is also willing to help others and learn something new, then you will be a good fit for our regulatory team and Braeburn!


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