Defining the Future: Summer 2018 Interns

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Defining the Future: Summer 2018 Interns

This summer Braeburn was privileged to have 3 excellent interns work on our commercial team to support launch planning efforts. Julia, Christina and Lauren each completed several individual projects and a group project that had significant impact on Braeburn’s marketing, market access and business operations plans.  Most importantly, they demonstrated a clear passion for making a difference in the lives of patients with opioid use disorder.

Braeburn benefitted significantly from our interns’ perspective, dedication and innovative thinking.  How did they benefit?  Here are their key takeaways:

  • Learned how to better analyze research and large data sets that provide valuable insights​ and tell a compelling story
  • Learned various research methods and which are effective in different scenarios​
  • Learned how to effectively and professionally present information
  • Developed skills for working as part of team with internal colleagues and outside agencies
  • Patience, time management and flexibility are key
  • Gained experience with software and programs (project management, Excel, PowerPoint) ​
  • Patients with OUD need improved support. 


Our Summer 2018 interns not only added clear value and developed important skills but demonstrated their commitment to our mission: to help fight the opioid addiction crisis.  We wish you well on your career journey!

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